There are numerous collaborative opportunities available at this time. See below for details. 

#1   KH&W is seeking an independent wholesale distributor in North Jersey to cover areas of Passaic, Clifton, Teaneck, Englewood and the surrounding territory.

The opportunity includes maintaining inventory and delivering at local groceries and pharmacies for products we wholesale. In addition you may also serve as a retail checkout point for products that are exclusively in our retail catalog and sales that come through our website in your area.  

Additionally if you've got a product you are looking to launch to the national kosher market we may be able to help you leverage back our distribution chain that spans the country. 


#2 We are seeking health and fitness professionals across the wide spectrum of related fields to contribute content for our blog. Are you a fitness instructor? Dietitian? Alternative health specialist? If you have an insight to share to help the kosher community obtain and remain fitness goals we'd be glad to review your submission for publication. So let's hear it! 

Contact us with your interest!